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With today’s political environment, does it make sense to trust government officials in Washington, D.C. to secure your financial future?  Or, is the smart move to consult an expert who can help you develop a strategy to navigate the financial complexities of retirement?

The answer is clear. Bernie Baird is the expert you can trust to maximize your Social Security income, reduce your tax burden, and implement a sound retirement plan.  Bernie has 30 years’ experience in assisting investors prepare for their retirement years.  You are just one easy step away from a more secure financial future: contact Bernie for a FREE consultation.
Your needs and desires plus Bernie's personal attention, expertise, and hard work 24/7 equals steady growth in your investment portfolio!  An Affordable personal financial advisor and CFP like no other in Virginia.  
View recent interview with Bernie on WTVR Virginia This Morning    
Call Bernie Baird today at 804-639-3191 or email him at to set up your free consultation. 
Here is how Bernie's areas of expertise will benefit you today. 
  • You will receive the highest level of Personal Attention 24/7.
  • Do you have a financial, investment or tax question you need answered immediately?  Phone calls are FREE.  Start a NO COST relationship with a CFP today by contacting Bernie often.  Ask him what the markets are doing?  Ask him what investors are considering.  Ask him for new ideas.  He's responsive, honest, personable, and maintains a high level of integrity. 
  • Are you a woman handling investments, taxes, financial issues, insurance matters or the estate of a love one?  Over 50% of his clients are women.  He listens to you.
  • Do you have a current financial plan?  You can receive a FREE Personal Financial Plan.  Bernie will invest 10-20 hours of his time to get to know you and prepare you a new Personal Financial Plan based on your current situation for FREE.
  • Are your CD's rolling over?  Call daily for the highest CD rates and options around the country.
  • You can receive help building and growing your investments from start to finish utilizing low risk strategies.
  • You can receive help planning Retirement Income.
  • Are you settling the estate of a love one?  Do you want to know what's in the estate?  How have the investments performed?  Bernie offers AFFORDABLE Estate Reports.  
  • You can take advantage of FREE Consultations to help you compare whether you need Traditional IRA’s or Roth IRA’s.
  • You can receive a FREE Annual 401(k) Evaluation & Rebalancing Assistance Report.
  • You can take advantage of FREE Consultations to help you reduce your income taxes, especially taxes on your Social Security income.
  • You can take advantage of a FREE Analysis to help you maximizing your Social Security income check at retirement.
  • You can take advantage of FREE Consultations to help you decide if you benefit by rolling over your 401(k) plan to a self directed IRA or leaving it at your old employer.
  • You can receive help when it is time to enroll in Medicare.
  • If you are over or near 70 1/2, you can receive FREE Help every year calculating and planning your Required Minimum Distributions from your retirement plans.

 Bernie’s experience includes: 

  • Senior Financial Advisor Trendline Capital Management
  • Chief Financial Officer with Quality Transportation Services Inc.
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Financial Planner with First Financial Group
  • Graduate Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Graduate of Virginia Tech

Securities offered through Securities America, Member FINRA and SIPC,
12325 Port Grace Blvd, I La Vista, NE 68128, 800-747-6111
Bernie’s complete bio.

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